Willie Graff & Tania Vulcano, Circoloco , August 20

Last night on the terrace of DC10, Willie&Tania ..amazing set!


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Andrew Grant@ Circoloco DC10, August 20

Andrew Grant in full action 


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Garagem@Circoloco DC10, August 20

Garagem…..raising the next level

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Out now on Juno Records…….YIM001

NEGRU – “RUFFIN EP” - Youth Invasion Muzik- DJ Feedback


AFFKT - “Loving Negru’s style. Playing both!”

Reboot - “This ep will smash the dancefloors all summer long!!!”

Robert Dietz - “Ruffin is a party track all over! Great tool for the floor!”

Luca Bacchetti - “Ruffin is a bomb!! I love this old school flavour. I will play it!”

Lee Curtiss - “Both nice jams!!! Solid stuff and very useable”

Martinez Brothers - “Ruffin is our favorite here, love the sample! ”

Tom Findlay - (Groove Armada) - “I am really diggin Ciudovishte. Lovely bottom end! ”

Terence - “LOVE the vibe on Ciudovishte. Will test it out this weekend!!”

Timo Maas - “I am liking Ruffin very much!! Will be getting plays from me!”

T. Williams - “Definitely supporting these bad boys!! Nice breaky house vibes.”

Sébastien Baylet - (Paris One Radio) - “I like Ruffin. Playing!”

Stuart Patterson - (Faith Fanzine / Radio) - “No nonsense unpretentious dancefloor bizness.. burnt exactly for those moments although actually prefer the deeper Ciudvishte myself.”

Karlos Sense - (Ibiza Sonica) - “Nice Ciudovishte Track… Thanks for the music.”

Bradley - (In The Deep End-Australia) - “BOOM. Lo Fi, Hi Energy. Ruffin is the one but Ciudovishte is awesome in it’s own right, that 909 Open will get anyone right!?”

Eduard Clarà - (Deejay Mag Spain) - “Nice funy groove Ruffin is my fav here. Thanks so much..

Stephen Flynn - (Ibiza-Voice.com) - “Will be reviewing.”

Agus Arbol - (deejay.es) - “House music at his best!”

Gerome - (Tsugi Magazine France) - “Ruffin is fun.”

Lauhaus - “Good stuff as always from Negru! Full support for both of these!”

Luke Solomon - “Ciudovishte is really good! Liking this loads. ”

Deetron - “Super effective tools, just what I needed. Ruffin is a sure player.”

Barem - “Ciudovishte is definitely gonna work for me!  Good track!”

Radio Slave - “Ciudovishte is supa dupa! Love this jam. x”

Ewan Pearson - “Ruffin is soooo Bumptastic!!  Playing!”

Andy Baxter - (Pacha Ibiza & Cafe Mambo) - “Liking the breakbeat vibe on Ciudovishte.”

Behrouz - “Liking the Ciudovishte track very much guys. Great stuff! Will play it. thanks.”

Joris Voorn - “Ruffin is nice!”

Ryan Crosson - “I will be trying Ciudovishte this weekend. Gotta a good feel. Thanks.”

SIS - “Ruffin = BOMBA!!! ”

Livio&Roby - “A label to watch out for. Ruffin is a big tune…Negru is a killer… Thanks!”

Gel Abril - “Raw stuff here from Negru. I like them, will try both. Thanks!”

Nick Curly - “A great debut release from the label. Will play these and keep an eye the label!”

Gregor Tresher - “Both trx will definitely do great on the dancefloor! Playing!”

Diesel - (X-Press 2) - “No nonsense belters here from Negru!! Ruffin is a Killer!!”

Rocky - (X-Press 2) - “Y I Muzik? Geordies surely?  The Ciudovishte track is my fave. Will try it out.”

Jozif – “Both simple and effective.. nice to play! Ciudovishte my fav.”

Carlo Lio – “Awsome release from Negru…. loaded with funk… def support on this!! Nice one.”

Okain – “Wicked! This ep is a bomb! I loving both side.. will play for a long time.”

Danny Howells – “Hey guys, Ruffin sounds totally KILLER!!! Will play for sure!”

Laurent N. - (Nice Radio France) - “2 nice tracks for the dance floor. Will play & SUPPORT !!!”

Jose Maria Ramon - (Ibiza Global Radio) - “Yes! Nice & funky stuff fantastic for Ibiza Global Radio maximum support!”

Toni Moreno - (Ibiza Global Radio) - “Wooow! Nice :D Full support on Ibiza global Radio. Thanks.”

Kiko Martínez - (DocePulgadas Radio Show Spain) - “Ciudovishte for me! Support!”

Tom Breu - (Radio WDR 1LIVE Germany) - “Ruffin works for me! thx!”

Tuncay Celik – (MyNightlife.fm) - “Amazing Realase Ruffin Rocks, Great Beat with funky Vocals.”

Makossa – (Radio FM4 Vienna) – “Sounds like a big party tool, credits goes to Eno & Byrne .”

Diversions – (CHRY 105.5 Toronto) – “These are dancefloor destroyers!!”

De:Bug Magazine Germany - “Considering for review.”

Lukas Fritscher - (Raveline Magazine) - “Ruffin is funky!”

Scan Mode - (DJ Magazine) - “Ruffin is for me! Full support for this new label!”

Victor - (DJ Magazine Spain) - “Great first release, well done guys!”

Ibiza-voice.com - http://www.ibiza-voice.com/story/news/3913

Tsugi Magazine France - “Ruffin is ace!!”

Soundwall.it - “Very good tracks!”

Now online……

Negru Ruffin EP - YIM001 - coming soon

Negru Ruffin EP - YIM001 - coming soon


new website coming soon……

Derek @Pandemonium, DC 10 Ibiza